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A Natural Solution to a Perfect Night's Sleep!

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Bring the SnugFleece advantage to your home

With more than three decades of experience, SnugFleece Woolens, Inc. is the expert in making people comfortable in bed. Let us improve the quality of your life by helping you get a better night's sleep. Imagine waking up relaxed and rejuvenated after enjoying night after night of soothing, pain-free sleep.

SnugFleece Woolens: experts in comfort

Made from 100% American wool, SnugFleece Woolens' products offer superb craftsmanship and a "hands-on" quality that is not found in the competition.


The SnugFleece Original and SnugFleece II mattress covers are constructed, one row at a time, through a unique process that secures the wool to a cotton backing in its natural, upright position.


Because the crimps of the fibers remain intact, it stays lofty and resists compression, unlike most competitors' mattress covers.

Superb craftsmanship

Relieve your allergies with a smart investment

SnugFleece wool is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized but still retains some natural lanolin which provides great odor resistance with its natural antibacterial properties. SnugFleece wool sanitizing combined with its own natural lanolin guards against premature deterioration caused by dust, mold, and mildew. It is locked in the fibers during wool blending to withstand dry cleaning and washing, and it will last the life of the product.

“The claims you make about your SnugFleece Original are true. We are now spoiled and wouldn't sleep without it!”

- Jim and Wanda B., Windsor, CA

SnugFleece products are the natural solution for a perfect night's sleep. Our products offer soft, springy, body-conforming support, which eases painful pressure points, giving you the wonderful, insulating qualities that only pure wool offers. Sleep studies conducted by the American Wool Council have shown that, when you sleep on wool, you sleep more soundly and are less likely to toss, turn, and wake up throughout the night.


Six separate research studies conducted in four countries indicated that relaxed sleep, induced by wool, has health and therapeutic benefits. In fact, 90% of 700 users reported relief from stiffness and pain.


All SnugFleece Woolens products have been rigorously tested by independent USA based Labs and meet/exceed all US Government protocols including California Prop. 65.

Support and comfort for a better night's sleep