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A Natural Solution to a Perfect Night's Sleep!

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See what our previous customers have to say

As much as we love to tell you about our company, we feel that the words of our previous customers speak louder than anything that we could say. See our customer service and products in action through the testimonials of some of our beloved customers, listed below.

Let our testimonials speak to you

"I put it on the bed that night, and I just have to tell you (and everyone there) how much I like it. It makes the bed warmer (I have a Tempur-Pedic, which can be a little cold when you first get in). It also makes the bed cooler (after sleeping for a while, that Tempur-Pedic can get too hot).


I don’t think the tempur material breathes very much, and although I love the way it supports my body, I was not too happy with the hot/cold situation. I was always pretty much one or the other. My SnugFleece Woolens mattress cover has COMPLETELY solved that problem. Completely. Again, thank you so much."

- Diana T., Motoaca, VA

"I slept on my wool pad for 10 years and took it for granted. When I bought a new bed, I took the mattress cover off because it didn't fit my new bed. I didn't have a good night's sleep until I got a new one. Works wonders for night sweats. Thank you, SnugFleece."

- Brenda and Denis S., Ketchum, ID

"As a T-4 paraplegic, I have depended on SnugFleece since 1985 to give me a restful night without worrying about skin breakdown problems. I can stay in the same position all night in comfort. Outstanding product!"

- Tom R., Warrenton, VA

"As nurses we know the value of wool pads. They are great! Our RV bed was changed into a blessed event."

- R.K., Elkgrove, CA

"My bed used to be a shambles in the morning; sheets pulled away from the mattress and generally in disarray. I sleep better and there is no such jumble in the morning for me to untangle."

- Andy B., Lambertville, MI

"Why wait for a few weeks for a comment? The product which I was hesitant to purchase is just fantastic. To be so skeptical and now to be so amazed by the product - it is just GREAT!!!"

- Virginia J., Waxahachie, TX

"A colleague owns one and it's wonderful to get a massage on it. I had to get one [for my massage table] so I could offer my clients the same luxury."

- Karina R., Noblesville, IN

On our massage table covers

"My clients love it!  It’s so soft and provides the extra cushioning that my massage table needs."

- Julian G., W. Orange, NJ

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