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A Natural Solution to a Perfect Night's Sleep!

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A Little Lamb's Story

In a faraway land, way out west, there lived some sheep - in fact, millions of them. Indeed, it was a great place to live if you were a sheep. The grass was lush green and the sky was always blue. These sheep grew some of the best wool in the world!


Now, it so happened that some people lived there, too. They spent their days tending to their woolly friends by giving them "haircuts" now and then. In return for the wool, they made sure the sheep had plenty of grass and fresh spring water. It seemed like a fair deal for all.

The SnugFleece story

The wool was sold to big mills in the East where it was made into warm clothing for people to wear during the cold, wet winters there. The people soon noticed the natural crimp of the wool trapped heat and moisture, leaving a layer of dry, warm air circulating next to their skin. The freezing folks were warmed with their own body heat - naturally. What a concept! The people were happy!


One day, two intrepid shepherds, Lanky and Rounder, asked themselves, "If you could wear wool clothing to stay warm, why not sleep on woolen fleece at night for the same reason?" After all, man had been sleeping on sheepskin since the Stone Age. They believed they had a brilliant idea.

Where did the wool go?

"Why wait a few weeks to comment? The product which I was hesitant to purchase is just fantastic" - Virginia J., Waxahachie, TX

Well, their idea had one basic flaw: the sheep kept running out from under them. Although the boys

were a bit slow, they eventually figured it out. The idea of slaying one of their woolly beasts for its skin

never occurred to Lanky and Rounder. They set about creating a fluffy sheepskin bed using virgin wool

shorn from (who else?) their beloved friends.



After years of intellectual wrestling, they finally had a creation. It looked, felt, and acted just like a sheepskin, yet it left their fleecy friends to graze in the fields. They christened it, "SnugFleece." The process they developed secured the wool in its natural upright position onto pure cotton backing. It was heaven! Shouts rang out as the first SnugFleece was made, "Hey, instant sheep, without the hooves - COOL!" Not even realizing at the time how literally "woolly-cool" it was.


Lanky and Rounder, quick as ever, discovered what had been known for thousands of years - wool is

cool! Were they crazy? Not at all.  It's true! They experienced for themselves crisp, cool comfort in the hot

summer heat. The boys were totally amazed.


What makes wool cool? Its absorption ability wicks perspiration away from the body, keeping dry air next to the

skin. This helps regulate body temperature by allowing the body's natural cooling system to work better.

Translation: in the heat of the night you are "cool as ice," like Rounder said that first summer.

Lanky exclaimed in agreement, "It's Mother Nature's own air conditioning, for crying out loud!"

Then it dawned on them! Desert dwellers are swathed in wool clothes for this very reason.

It keeps them cool on the burning days yet warm on the frigid nights.


So far, our plucky pair had discovered three things about their new invention:

• Wool is naturally comfortable to sleep on

• Wool provides natural insulation from the cold

• Wool is a natural air conditioner

Natural, natural, natural - which made it a very good thing!


One day, Lanky's dad asked if he could try one of their mattress covers. Now, Lanky's

dad had painfully bad arthritis in his joints, thanks to a rambunctious childhood playing bone

crunching football and eating too many pretzels. The results were amazing! The arthritic elder

slept like never before. He told other stiffened seniors how SnugFleece helped his creaky back

condition. "But how can it help our inflexible ailment?" asked one rigid rheumatic.


So, once again, the shepherds sought some research and, lo and behold, discovered the reason.

SnugFleece helped those with arthritis, backaches, and rheumatism for the same reason it helped Lanky

and Rounder get a better night's sleep. The springy wool kept their sore joints toasty warm! Heat and

reduced pressure - two of the best natural pain-relieving treatments known to man!


Now, Lanky and Rounder realized they had probably founded the best thing since the hot water bottle, an

ingenious discovery for our lamb-brained lads. They had a revolutionary concept based on humble sheepskin at

half the cost of slaughter. Better yet, their bleating buddies could remain intact.


So, being the kindhearted shepherds they were, they decided to allow the sleep-deprived and distant people of the East to share in their sonorous, sheep-induced sleep. They sold it as a lavish sleep comfort item and were immediately thanked profusely.


Inferior imitations have attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the inexperienced masses, but rest assured, (no pun intended), SnugFleece Woolens won't fleece you! Lanky and Rounder managed to produce SnugFleece with maximum density and pile height. The natural coil-action of the wool fiber maintains the cover's original shape with a simple vacuuming. It's designed to last a lifetime. Three decades of satisfied users bleat in agreement.


Thousands of users are already enjoying the benefits of sleeping on a woolen SnugFleece. Sleep studies* have shown that sleeping on wool promotes less tossing and turning, deeper sleep, and a more regular heart beat. The way Lanky and Rounder figure it, wool makes one fit even without going to the gym. Bonus!


And the sheep lived happily ever after.

Oh boy! A brilliant idea!

*American Wool Council

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